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Parallels 5 Runs Windows 7 Right Next to Snow Leopard With Full Multitouchiness

It’s a virtual war: VMWare Fusion 3 for Snow Kitty and Win7 popped out last week, and now here’s Parallels 5. It’s also fully 64-bit, with Windows apps that behave like native ones, including full multitouch gestures, and more zoomzoom.

Like Fusion, Parallels supports OpenGL 2.1 and DirectX 9 Shader Model 3.0 for the full Aero 3D interface and 7x better graphics performance than before. It also has a migration tool to move a PC’s info to your virtual machine. Overall performance-wise, it’s three times faster than before, supports 8 virtual CPUs and automatically pauses the virtual machine whenever no Windows apps are running.

The new Crystal mode promises to make “Windows completely disappear” so apps run feel completely native, with full support for multitouch trackpad gestures and the Apple Remote, with a persistent Windows apps folder in the Dock. Parallels 5 is out today for $80 for the full version or $50 for the upgrade, though we don’t blame you if you can’t tell it apart from Fusion 3, so we’ll be checking them out head to head soon. [Parallels]

Apple sees Windows 7 as an opportunity to sell Macs


Apple seems to be looking forward to the launch of Windows 7 almost as much as Microsoft, but for very different reasons.

While Microsoft may see Windows 7 as a way out of the failure of Vista, Apple plans to take advantage of the launch by catering to the customers who are fed up with the Windows user experience and want to make a change.

“Users are really growing tired of Windows and the headaches it brings,” said Brian Croll, Apple’s vice president of Mac OS X worldwide product marketing. “We’ve seen this with Vista, XP, and the other Windows operating systems going all the way back.”

While Apple clearly believes Mac OS X Snow Leopard is a superior operating system, the company doesn’t believe it comes down to a comparison of the latest releases that will make the difference. Apple believes that for a lot of users it is an accumulation of issues.

The latest issue will be the amount of work that Windows XP users have to go through to upgrade to Windows 7. The need to erase the hard drive, install Windows 7, re-install applications, and update everything may be too much for some users to handle.

“We think a lot of folks will look at that as the straw that broke the camels back,” Croll said. “People are tired of the headaches with Windows and this is another great excuse for people to check out the Mac.”

Apple is also betting that many XP users who will have to upgrade their computers in order to run Windows 7 will instead choose to check out a Mac. But the cost of the new computer isn’t the only thing users have to look forward to; there’s also the software price tag.

For many consumers, Apple feels it has that covered too, especially with iLife, its suite of applications that includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD. iLife is included for free with every Mac.

“That’s huge. It’s a key part,” Croll said. “You have the entire software environment, and you have iLife built-in. Everything you need is right there. With Windows 7 there is a lot of assembly required and even after that, it doesn’t compare with what you get in iLife.”

Apple declined to say if it was planning any price cuts, TV commercials, or special events at the its retail stores to welcome potential Windows 7 users.

“There’s not going to be a lot of change in the Windows world,” Croll said. “At the end of the day it’s still Windows.”

Major bug in Snow Leopard deletes all user data


Reports have been cropping up on the Apple Support forums that users have been losing all their data due to a nasty bug in Snow Leopard, Apple’s latest Operating System. Many users are reporting that all settings are being reset and most data is gone, according to iTWire.

The problem, can easily be reproduced when a user logs into the ‘guest’ account, either on purpose or by accident, and when they log back out of the account and back into their normal one, they find that their account has been fully reset with all data wiped and lost – the account is like a brand new one. The home directory still exists under “/Users/username” but is completely empty. 

Users are reporting that the data is unrecoverable and cannot be found anywhere on the hard drive, and the only way to restore it is if the user has been performing backups on a separate hard-drive. Apparently the problem has been present since a few days after launch, as the forum post dates back to 12th September, but as of yet, Apple has been silent.

It seems the only work around at this stage is to disable the Guest account, or at least disable it and then re-enabling it so that it’s a native Snow Leopard account. Another suggestion is to create a new account and enforce parental controls, if you really need a temporary account.

It’s not clear how many users are affected, but it seems like any user who had Leopard before the upgrade, and had the guest account enabled are affected and are at risk.

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Apple releases new update beta to developers


Apple has released a second beta version of the next Snow Leopard update (10.6.2) to its developers, according to AppleInsider.

According to users of this beta build, the new update has improved almost 150 “general focus areas” since the last update, 10.6.1, was released only weeks ago. These include updates to core services like Time Machine, Spaces and Front Row as well as several applications including the new QuickTime Player, Photo Booth and Address Book.

AppleInsider also reports that the update particularly focuses on Wireless Wide Area Network(WWAN) support for mobile data services and adds enhancements to MobileMe, iDisk, Exchange support and NTFS and WebDAV filesystem support.

Finally, the new update fixes performance and stability issues that are largely tied to drivers and OSX’s OpenCL compiler, includes a number of security patches and bugs including updates to thesoftware update service, printing and parental controls, and fixes a bug caused when switching between applications using the Dock.

Users across the internet have reported several issues with Snow Leopard since its release in August 2009, with the first update, 10.6.1 being issued to users just days after launch. This initial update fixed numerous issues including an outdated version of Adobe Flash that shipped with the operating system.

No expected release date has been issued for the 10.6.2 update at this time.

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