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“Non-Microsoft technologies” to blame for Danger/Sidekick failure, Microsoft says


After more than a week of silence on what caused the Sidekick outage with Danger, the Los Angeles Times today quotes Microsoft spokesperson Tonya Klause, not really explaining what happened, but definitely distancing Microsoft cloud services such as Windows Live and Azure from the Danger platform:

“The Danger Service platform, which experienced the outage, is a standalone service operating on non-Microsoft technologies, and is not related to Microsoft’s cloud services platform or Windows Live,” Microsoft spokesperson Tonya Klause wrote in an e-mail. “Other and future Microsoft mobile products and services are entirely based on Microsoft technologies and Microsoft’s cloud service platform and software.”


Microsoft drew a further distinction between Danger and its other data assets, saying that “it’s important to note that for native Microsoft services such as Windows Live, Hotmail, Azure, etc., we write multiple replicas of user data to multiple devices so that the data is available in a situation where a single or multiple physical nodes may fail,” Klause wrote.

Still no word on what caused the loss of data (which may not be a total loss after all, not much news on that either), although there has been speculation that the failure happened in an attempt to move the open source Danger platform to Microsoft technologies.  Microsoft still needs to come clean on exactly what happened, and why, in our opinion.

Sidekick data may be retrievable after all

October 13, 2009 1 comment


T-Mobile said late Monday that it and Microsoft may be able to retrieve the personal data of Sidekick smartphone users who lost it during last week’s Microsoft server outage.

“Regarding those of you who have lost personal content, T-Mobile and Microsoft/Danger continue to do all we can to recover and return any lost information,” T-Mobile said in the announcement. “Recent efforts indicate the prospects of recovering some lost content may now be possible. We will continue to keep you updated on this front; we know how important this is to you.”

A server outage last week at Microsoft subsidiary Danger, which runs the Sidekick data services, cut off service to hundreds of thousands of T-Mobile Sidekick users. Those users were still able to use services provided by T-Mobile, such as calling, text messaging and SMS.

This past weekend, T-Mobile and Microsoft said personal data was most likely lost for users who reset their Sidekicks during the outage. The event, as mobile-industry analyst Azita Arvani said Monday, has put “a huge black eye on the cloud-computing services, in general.

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T-Mobile and Microsoft Danger Sidekick outage, lost data


Over the weekend T-Mobile and Microsoft Danger confirmed a huge outage on its Sidekick devices.

In a statement issued to customers T-Mobile confirmed “we must now inform you that personal information stored on your device – such as contacts, calendar entries, to-do lists or photos – that is no longer on your Sidekick almost certainly has been lost as a result of a server failure at Microsoft/Danger.”

According to some reports, the failure was due to a SAN (Storage Area Network) gone wrong at Microsoft’s end. It is claimed that Microsoft does not have a working backup of some of the data that has gone missing from customers devices. The SAN upgrade is rumoured to have been outsourced to Hitachi to complete.

This huge failure has affected hundreds and it’s clear from some posts at the T-Mobile forums that customers are both confused and angry at what has happened. One user states “I just want to give hell to whom is responsible for this.”

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