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Your Computer is Infected, Call This Number (Scam)

Just a quick post as i received a call from a client saying that he had a message on his computer today “stating that his computer has a serious virus and then asked him to call 866-628-4936 or a UK number to remove the virus” which was a voice speaking to him!!

This is defiantly a SCAM “DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER”

If you require any help or support with this problem please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website Remote computer repair

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IT Solutions Site Support Team


We are getting a lot of calls and emails regarding FREE TECH SERVICE LTD CARDIFF just to confirm this is not our transaction or anything to do with our company for further details please have a look at this site Details on Free Tech Service LTD CARDIFF

If you feel this is a scam or fraud you should report it too Action Fraud Report Fraud UK

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kind Regards
IT Solutions Site Support Team

Work-from-Home Scheme and Malware Served on Fake BBC Site

It’s not uncommon for us to find shady websites that replicate the ones of the BBC, or Channel 5 News in an attempt to advertise fake work-from-home jobs. However, it’s somewhat unusual to find such sites that bring something extra, such as the Blackhole exploit kit and a nasty Trojan. More on this story at Softpedia

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Cold Calls – Fake Tech Support Virus Scams UK

There has been a marked rise in computer users reporting cold calling scams relating to tech support.  Most of the calls say they are from windows support or technical support and that your computer has a virus, any call telling you there is a virus, unless it is from an IT support company you have had dealings with, is potentially a scam.

A lot of the calls originate from India but often they will try to convince you they are a UK company, often located in Birmingham, London, Manchester or Banbury.  Advice to consumers is to either hang up, record the call to be passed on to fraud agencies or demand to be removed from their database and discontinue the call.  At no point should consumers enter into discussion with these scammers or give out any personal details or computer IP addresses nor follow there direction to any website or remote access tools.

The scam works by telling consumers they have had a report from your computer that it has a virus and would like them to check for a list of files to confirm this, the list that comes up may well look convincing but really they are usually windows prefetch or temp files  The scammers then ask consumers to install their remote control software onto the computer – for this there is a charge.  At this point the scammers appear to run a few commands before announcing the system is very infected, even that it may crash within 5 minutes unlkess their software is purchased.

If anyone would like any help or support please don’t hesitate to contact IT Solutions Site Ltd we offer computer technical support services in the UK

To report this issue please contact action fraud

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IT Solutions Site Support Team

eBay scammer arrested in biggest fraud case to date

In what is probably the largest eBay fraud to have occurred since the auction houses opening, has been uncovered. A conman dubbed ‘The Man’ has been arrested, along with his counterparts, for his role in the largest scam that has ever occurred on eBay.

The is reporting that Gary Bellchambers was arrested at his home in Rainham, Essex. Gary lived a two part life, his life in Essex was a very modest living with little amenities, but his life in Thailand, was that of extreme luxury made possible by his sales of counterfeit golf equipment on eBay.

The prosecutor said: “Over the course of about four years, between mid-2003 and early-2008, these defendants and their co-conspirators have been responsible for the sale and distribution of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of pounds worth of counterfeit goods both here in the UK and abroad – primarily through the well-known auction website eBay.”

The counterfeit clubs were being sold as original equipment but were in fact knock offs that were being produced in China and being sold by Gary Bellchambers; the court date is set for January 25th.

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