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Providing computer support for the elderley


Hi Guys,

For senior citizens, learning computers and basic internet skills is not only for accessing information. It is the tool now for keeping in touch with family members. I won’t even go into the health benefits that could come from nimble fingers on the keyboard, or from playing senility staving games. The list goes on. In fact, what holds true for those on the right side of the age divide is also true for senior citizens when it comes to internet and basic computer skills.

Many of the elderly tribe fear the computer, but basic computer skills are very easy to learn – more so today when everything is designed to be user-friendly and visually accessible.

However if you feel that you need further help and support we can help you with our PC technical support service we are rated on trust pilot and are UK Based

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Nick (IT Solutions Site Support Team)


Teach Parents Tech – IT Solutions Site Ltd

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