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eBay scammer arrested in biggest fraud case to date

In what is probably the largest eBay fraud to have occurred since the auction houses opening, has been uncovered. A conman dubbed ‘The Man’ has been arrested, along with his counterparts, for his role in the largest scam that has ever occurred on eBay.

The is reporting that Gary Bellchambers was arrested at his home in Rainham, Essex. Gary lived a two part life, his life in Essex was a very modest living with little amenities, but his life in Thailand, was that of extreme luxury made possible by his sales of counterfeit golf equipment on eBay.

The prosecutor said: “Over the course of about four years, between mid-2003 and early-2008, these defendants and their co-conspirators have been responsible for the sale and distribution of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of pounds worth of counterfeit goods both here in the UK and abroad – primarily through the well-known auction website eBay.”

The counterfeit clubs were being sold as original equipment but were in fact knock offs that were being produced in China and being sold by Gary Bellchambers; the court date is set for January 25th.

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Sale of Skype finalized

eBay, the online auction giant and owner of the popular Skype software has finally sold Skype and the deal is complete. A message on the official Skype blog from company President Josh Silverman reads:

“Great news – we’ve closed the deal with the new investors. The investor group is led by Silver Lake, and includes Andreessen Horowitz, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), Joltid Limited and our founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.

The deal valued Skype at $2.75B US, with eBay retaining approximately 33% of Skype, and the investor group led by Silver Lake controlling the remaining 65%.Our journey continues: say hello to the future!”

eBay originally purchased Skype back in September 2005 for $3.1 billion and struggled to find a way to integrate the popular VOIP service into it’s business model. As the auction giant continued to look for ways to utilize the service with their exiting portfolio the value of Skype began to decline.

On September 1, 2009 the company had announced, “Today, Skype begins a new chapter. We’re spinning off from eBay to become an independent company once again”. It remains to be seen if the Skype will become a publicly traded company on the stock market or if there will be any significant changes to the business plan now that Skype has new owners.

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eBay tightens rules around unpaid item disputes


EBay has announced changes to the unpaid item dispute process; a move aimed at curbing the friction that can occur between buyers and sellers when something goes wrong at the auction site.

The announcements specifically relate to unpaid items, which are those that are not paid for within a reasonable amount of time. eBay typically encourage users to contact one another to resolve potential issues in this event, but if this cannot or does not happen the resolution process kicks in.

The changes to the unpaid item dispute process include:

    – Reducing the waiting period before a dispute can be opened from 7 days to 4 days
    – Reducing the dispute resolution process from up to 60 days to around 30 days
    – Reducing the period of time following the sale of an item in which a dispute can be filed from 45 days down to 32 days

In addition to the above changes, eBay has indicated that there are fewer forms to be filled when lodging an unpaid item dispute. There is now also no need to liaise directly with the other party back and forth; the item seller instead determines how much communication they are willing to take part in with the buyer.

EBay has also taken the role of ‘middleman’ under the changes, authoring all emails between the buyer and the seller to give them a more neutral tone.

Finally, the language used on the site regarding unpaid items is being softened so that terms like “unpaid item strike” are no longer used, although such occurrences still have the same negative impact on the buyer.

It has been announced that these changes take place immediately.

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