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Bing launches in the UK


Today a new search engine for the UK has been thrown into the mix. Microsoft’s Bing UK, following a period of trial and continued in-depth analysis of consumer usage and behaviour, has been put through its paces and Bing is now shedding its beta tag.

During the previous five months of beta testing, the Bing team have been focused on developing a UK-centric search destination based on feedback, trends in searching habits and user requirements. Bing’s new search features organise results in a user friendly way and diminish Internet overload and clutter, helping UK consumers get to the information that matters most to them quicker, making decisions faster.

According to the press release, Microsoft have made some changes to streamline the search experience for UK users. These include:

• A localised UK homepage, with unique imagery and ‘hotspots’ – click through information boxes provide users with a wealth of information. A tool for discovery and inspiration.
• Visual Search, helps users search (maybe for a new purchase) using visual images and meta data without having to type in keywords.
• More Instant Answers, created to give users a quick response options to a search question, such as how is Liverpool doing in the premiership or which tourist attraction should I take my in-laws to at the weekend
• See who or what is being chatted about with global live Twitter feed searching, pulling up Tweets in Bing searches in real-time.
• Looking for the best deals? – an integrated shopping experience with Ciao UK searches the Internet to find the best prices, reviews and local availability. Bing supports making the best shopping decisions based on community feedback – not just advertising.
• Not sure how to get there? Bing Maps is based on insights from our Multimap users. Bing Maps now offers new map styles, imagery and transit integration as well as draggable routes.
• Bing has been built for the UK to help consumers get to key local sites and services in fewer links by including popular links, search boxes and suggestions within best match.

Microsoft seem to be focused in providing a search experience for the ways in which users in the UK, specifically, choose to search on the internet. As a result, the new search engine is built to recognise that search is about information and discovery. According to Microsoft, people want to see, hear, experience, share and be guided by search results, not just read them.

“Bing in Britain is a response to the fact that the search market has not benefitted from technological advances in user experience. As a consequence consumer behaviour and understanding has not evolved much over the past ten years.”

Microsoft research shows users process visual information 28 per cent faster than text. As a result The introduction of Bing’s Visual Search in the UK, promises to allow users to browse through images representing websites in a number of categories, such as people, product and places.

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Microsoft rolls out Bing Video


Microsoft announced today that it is consolidating MSN Video into Bing Video.

Bing Video will offer MSN’s array of videos, and videos from sites such as Hulu, ABC, Youtube and more than 300 content providers. The old portal will now forward directly to Bing VideoIn a company blog posting, a Microsoft spokesperson detailed Bing video:

“Today, we are announcing a new version of Bing Videos that brings together the rich editorial content and programming of MSN Video with the web-wide breadth and great search capabilities of Bing, to deliver a new online video destination that offers a comprehensive and faster video experience. Bing Videos simplifies finding and watching the widest selection of premium and general video from around the Web. You can browse through a rich selection of videos that are chosen editorially and algorithmically throughout the site. When searching for video, features like smart-motion thumbnails make it simple to find the exact video you’re looking for.”

Microsoft has also added a “dim the lights” mode  to the Bing Video player. The feature simply darkens the page around the video to ensure the focus is on the video. Bing Video is part of a number of changes for MSN and Bing to refresh the look of the search and content sites. Last week company officials unveiled a new-look home page.

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Bing market share rises, falls – it depends


Microsoft Bing has made gains in the U.S. search-engine market, bringing in growing ad spending and click-through rates, according to search marketerEfficient Frontier.

Microsoft Bing has lost ground in the U.S. search-engine market, posting 5 percent less traffic in September than in August, according to analysis firmHitwise.

Wait. What’s going on?

Well, search-engine statistics depend on whom you get them from. Each firm uses different methods to analyze the market.

Hitwise released its report last week, showing that Bing’s market share dropped from 9.48 percent in August to 8.96 percent in September. Much of that traffic shifted to Google, whose share jumped 1 percent.’s rose 8 percent and Yahoo’s fell 3 percent, according to Hitwise.

On Wednesday, Efficient Frontier reported that Bing’s share of ad spending jumped more than 1 percentage point from the first quarter of 2009 to the second quarter. And the Microsoft search engine’s click share increased from 4.08 percent of the market in Q2 to 4.76 percent in Q3.

Most of the difference came from Google, whose spending share among Efficient Frontier clients dropped nearly 2 percentage points, the firm reported.

“Efficient Frontier expects Bing to gain click share although at a slower rate,” the report states. “There is no reason to doubt that Microsoft will continue to push Bing given the initial success and between distribution deals and marketing should drive share higher.”

Of course, we’re all still waiting for comScore to release its September search-engine numbers.

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Twitter in talks with Microsoft, Google

Twitter is in separate, advanced talks with Microsoft and Google to bring the social network’s massive heap of real-time data to the companies’ search engines, All Things Digital reports.

Sources close to the discussions told All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher that the deals would include licensing Twitter’s full feed and integrating it into Bing’s and Google’s search results. The deals could involve millions of dollars in payment, revenue sharing, or a combination of both.

Sources said a number of scenarios are being discussed to compensate Twitter for its huge and potentially valuable trove of real-time and content-sharing information, generated from the data stream of billions of tweets from its 54 million monthly users. …

The deals, stressed sources close to the situation, are nonexclusive, especially because Twitter’s management is keen to remain independent and also nonpartisan in the growing search battle between Google and Microsoft.

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