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Orange UK confirms iPhone date and pricing

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According to details published on the Orange UK website today, the iPhone will be available to Orange customers very soon.

Until now, many of the details regarding their provision of the iPhone have been kept very closely under wraps. Orange have simply asked customers to register their interest and wait patiently for further details.

November 10 is the magic day for wannabe Orange iPhone users but until today none knew what they may have to pay for the privilege. Now, Orange have revealed iPhone 3GS pricing details, including a free 3GS on 24-month contracts of £45 ($74) upward, or a free 3G 8GB on a £30 ($49) 24-month contract. Orange pricing seems to be very different from the pricing which O2 provides its customers. What Orange do offer however, is an option to acquire the iPhone 3GS with no initial down payment, something which O2 doesn’t. In order to qualify for the no-down-payment option, customers are looking to pay a minimum of £73.40 and a 24 month contract. It’s also interesting to note that there is no 12 month contract with Orange, it’s either 18 months or 24 months.

For customers who want the more basic 3G iPhone, Orange will offer it free to subscribers who take up a £30 two-year contract, with the more powerful 3GS available free on £45 contracts. Pay-as-you-go customers can also buy the handset (8GB) for £333 and iPhone 3GS for £539. The iPhone will also be offered with unlimited data bundles.

Orange seem to have failed on the definition of the adjective “unlimited.” For O2, they do have a “fair usage policy” which prevents users from using their sim cards in devices other than their iPhone, however do not have a physical limit with regards to data. Orange however, have a fair usage policy with their tariffs set at 750MB/month – a great deal more restrictive than users with the O2 iPhone are likely to encounter.

According to Orange, stores will open at 7am on November 10th for those interested in picking up an iPhone 3G or 3GS; the handset will also be available through Orange HMV concessions, Apple Retail Stores, Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U and other “selected high street partners”.

In September, both Orange and Vodafone announced that they would be offering the iPhone to their customers. Vodafone have said the phone would be available on its network from 2010 but has yet to confirm pricing details.

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