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Microsoft: Hey Win7 hackers, remember that’s illegal!

Windows 7 is out, which means tech-savvy consumers have a new opportunity to beat the system. Hackers are doing their thing by skirting those pesky licensing restrictions and using Windows 7 upgrade discs to install the full operating system.

But Microsoft wants those hackers to know that by doing so, they also skirt those pesky things called laws.

“Unfortunately, it looks like it is time to have this conversation again,” Eric Ligman, global partner experience lead for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group, wrote in a blog post. “Over the past several days there have been various posts, etc. across a variety of social media engines stating that some ‘hack’ (be it a person or a procedure) shows that a Windows 7 Upgrade disc can perform a ‘clean’ installation of Windows 7 on a blank drive from a technical perspective.

“Of course, from the posts I saw, they often forgot to mention a very basic, yet very important piece of information … ‘Technically possible’ does not always mean legal.”

Why? Because when users purchase a Windows 7 upgrade, they must already own a qualifying Windows license (i.e., an old version of Windows) to legally run Windows 7. If they don’t, and hack the upgrade installation process, they don’t end up with a license to run the new operating system.

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