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What’s Compatible with Windows 7?


For most people, there won’t be any compatibility issues when making the move to Windows 7, especially since the new OS – like Vista –  allows you to run applications in a special “compatibility mode” if needed. That mode is available from the program’s “Properties” (right-click the executable to access) on the Compatibility tab.

However, there’s still a chance that some legacy programs may not work on Windows 7 or may only function in Windows XP Mode, the new feature that lets you run XP-only apps right in Windows 7. If you’re unsure about any of your applications, you may want to check the new Windows 7 Compatibility Center. Although not live yet, this site will soon feature an extensive list of applications and their compatibility status.

The site will officially launch on October 22nd – the same day Windows 7 goes live. It’s definitely worth bookmarking if there are any apps you’re concerned about.

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